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If you find yourself struggling with IT issues that you’re not equipped to handle, Yavar can help.

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Business Owners

As the leader of your business, you find that almost everything falls to you. And while your business may not yet be big enough to warrant its own IT team, you still have complex IT infrastructure needs to support.

Yavar has over a decade of experience supporting the IT needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. We work with organizations of 10-500 employees, such as architectural firms, law firms, medical offices, marketing agencies, and more.

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Office Managers, Admins, and Operations Teams

IT certainly wasn’t in your job description, and yet you find yourself expected to provide technical support without the required resources or training. However, doing your job well often means calling in some help — not frantically searching for answers online.

Yavar can provide office managers, administrators, and operations teams with as much support as they need to establish IT processes, set up applications, troubleshoot issues, and more.

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woman on phone
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You’re busy enough fielding client requests and managing your work. When you can’t access the file you need or your computer malfunctions, there’s no one for you to turn to for help. And that often creates frustrating downtime.

Lawyers, architects, and other busy professionals rely on Yavar for 24/7 IT support so that technical issues never get in the way of their work.

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