Virtual Chief Information Officer

Be one step ahead of any data breach. Protect your infrastructure with our virtual chief information officer (vCIO).

Don’t sit by while cybersecurity issues cause your company costly damage and downtime.

Our vCIO can keep your business proactive in protecting your infrastructure, data, employees, and clients. Yavar’s vCIO can even work with your existing internal security strategies to implement an incredibly effective security program.

Our vCIO includes the following:

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Compliance Management

From federal and state laws to cyber insurance policies, we provide best-in-class tools to prepare your organization for cybersecurity compliance. This service helps reduce your risk and assists your company in meeting all industry or security requirements without putting a strain on your staff (or wallet).

Our customizable compliance management tools automate a variety of documentation and compliance assessment tasks, so you can save time and focus on running your business.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

With our cybersecurity awareness training, you won’t have to think twice about being prepared.

Our complete cybersecurity awareness tool kit covers these issues:

  • Teaches how to spot and avoid phishing attacks
  • Focuses on keeping security at the forefront of business operations
  • Creates in-depth reports to demonstrate compliance, identify struggling employees, and pinpoint suspicious emails
  • Monitors your company’s ongoing risk
  • Offers quick, fun, and useful training
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Find out more about password and documentation management and how these things can increase your cyber protection with MyGlue. MyGlue enables your employees to store, create, and contain their passwords in a secure mobile app and vault.

The app also stores important documents, data, and information, as well as provides helpful checklists so you can get things done safely and securely.

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Insider Threats: A guide to understanding, detecting and preventing insider security threats.

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