You need reliable IT infrastructure for your business. When your connection is unreliable or slow, it can be super frustrating. It can also hit your productivity and profits. This post will highlight some causes of these issues. Then we’ll provide solutions to restore your IT performance.

Table of Contents:

  1. Outdated Hardware
  2. Busy Network
  3. Malware & Viruses
  4. Not Enough Bandwidth
  5. Software Set-Up
  6. Cabling & Wiring
  7. Conclusion

Outdated Hardware

Outdated hardware can cause lagging connections and slow performance. If your hardware is outdated, it can struggle with the new software and apps. The solution? Getting new hardware can often solve these problems and give you better performance.

Busy Network

If your network’s busy, you may experience slow speed or connection issues. This can happen for a couple of reasons. First, you have too many devices connected to your network. Second, your networking equipment is outdated.

The solutions are straightforward for these problems. Limit the amount of devices connected to your network. Upgrade your networking equipment.

Malware & Viruses

Malware and viruses can cause many IT issues, like slow performance and connection problems. Make sure you’re scanning for malware and viruses often. Keep your anti-virus software current. To protect your business from cyber threats, update and maintain your applications.

Not Enough Bandwidth

Your business may get slow performance and connectivity issues as it grows and adds new applications. If that’s the case, you’ll need more bandwidth to keep up with your business growth. Not enough bandwidth can cause slow speeds and connection problems.

You’ll want to increase your bandwidth to resolve these issues. Contact your internet service provider and talk with them about it for this problem.

Software Set-Up

If your software’s not set up right, you can have issues like connection problems and slow speeds. Work with your IT help to ensure that you have configured your software the right way. Also, make sure you set up your applications to fit your business needs as well.

Cabling & Wiring

This is the last reason we’ll go over today. Bad wiring can cause connection problems and slow performance. You can cause these issues if your cabling and wiring are outdated or improperly installed. Make sure you maintain and install cables and wiring the correct way by hiring a reliable IT company or reputable IT consultant.


Connectivity issues and slow performance are annoying and cause issues for your business. However, there are solutions to these issues.